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Class Offerings

  • Pre-Ballet and Beginning Ballet (3-6)
    • These classes are designed for the early development of technical ballet movement. It consists of different exercises and combinations to develop physical conditioning with poise and grace. The classes focus on coordination, balance, rhythm, flexibility, and basic kinetic skills, as well as creative expression through dance. Students will be introduced to foundational steps and vocabulary before entering Basic Ballet Levels.  

  • Basic Ballet Levels 
    • These levels will introduce basic ballet technique while building strength and correct posture of the body through floor, barre, and center combinations. Beginning at these levels placement is based on ability and no longer age. It is critical during the first years of ballet training that students learn the basic rules of movement and coordination which will set them up for properly executing more advanced movement in the next levels.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Levels 
    • At these levels, students will develop strength and stamina through the execution of more challenging steps. Pre-Pointe elements will be introduced in the early level, leading to an emphasis on pointe work. Students will master more difficult combinations helping to further their artistic growth. A minimum of four classes per week is required at these levels. 

  • Jazz (current Ballet 2 students and above)
    • Minimum of one ballet class per week required to enroll in this class.

    • This class will give students an opportunity to develop their performative range and individual artistic voice. We will use the classical jazz technique to develop students' musicality, athleticism, alignment, and performance. This technical base will be used to explore a variety of jazz styles.

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